Getting the right balance of nutrients is vital for optimal health, achieving weight loss, and treating many health conditions. However, what each person needs to achieve health through nutrition can depend on their specific health concerns. Dr. Charles Arndt and Dr. Debarun Borthakur are specialists that understand the importance of nutrition in treating their patients. They offer a nutritional health improvement program at Active Lifestyle Medical in Sterling, Virginia.

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Our team offers a nutritional health improvement program. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your life back.

Having a well-nourished body is key to good health. Chiropractic care is by nature holistic, meaning it focuses on the overall health of the body, not just treating a particular symptom. So whether you’re recovering from an automobile accident or trying to manage a health condition like scoliosis, nutrition plays a role in successfully treating your condition.

At Active Lifestyle Medical, your practitioner wants to help you achieve the best overall health. Nutrition can help you heal faster and can address underlying causes of pain, weight gain, and other factors that impact your health. They offer Nutrition Response Testing™ and Body Composition Analysis to help improve your health and treat illnesses that can affect your quality of life.

Nutrition Response Testing IN Sterling

Many health conditions can be treated with good nutrition. However, first, you need to know what’s going on in the body and what nutrients it needs. Nutrition Response Testing, (NRT) is a noninvasive technique that helps determine nutritional deficiencies affecting your body and causing ill health. There are no needles or invasive procedures needed for this analysis.

Active Lifestyle Medical offers NRT, which is an accurate, scientific method of determining health conditions caused by nutritional issues. The results can help your practitioner prescribe the best nutritional program to help improve your health.

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Eating a healthy diet is important, but many people require more nutrients than they’re getting from their foods. If you’re healing from an injury or have a health condition that’s depleting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, you may need a specialized diet and supplements tailored to your body’s specific needs.

A Body Composition Analysis can help determine your health status by measuring your body fat, visceral fat, lean body mass and hydration level. Whether you have a nutrient deficiency that's harming your health, or you need supplementation to achieve better health, your specialist at Active Lifestyle Medical can assess your nutritional needs and offer a program to enhance your health.


When I first started practicing chiropractic 30 plus years ago, I had patients respond and heal from conditions that most people don’t relate to the spine like allergies, sinus problems, digestive issues. Over the years of practicing, things changed, patients didn’t respond the same! The same conditions changed little if at all. What was happening?

I noticed having problems with my heart. I, being educated in nutrition, thought that I could address the problem taking the correct vitamins. Things didn’t change! I asked a friend (a chiropractic nutritionist) to put me on a program for the condition I was having. I had blood tests done and put on hundreds of supplements – 2 tackle boxes full of synthetic vitamins for a year. No change.

Chiropractor Sterling VA Dr Chuck Arndt

An associate doctor of mine at the time gave me a book to read regarding food supplements compared to synthetic vitamins. I completely understood the difference and changed all my vitamins to food supplements. In 3 days I felt spectacular. I was amazed.     I asked the representative for Standard Process who taught about these products. He told me about these guys that taught a technique  of testing called Nutrition Response Testing, that used muscle testing.

Now, I “knew” about muscle testing and as far as I was concerned it was ridiculous. Every time I trained on a technique using it I felt that it was very subjective. So I discontinued using it and went on. Months later, I read and heard very good things about doctors that taught Nutrition Response Testing. I decided to discover for myself what it had that I didn’t know.

I attended a seminar and discovered that I had misunderstood something years ago that made complete sense now. This was that the testing tapped into the electrical system of the body so if the tester is not electrical, they can become an interference field and get inaccurate results. That made complete sense. But… I was healthy. I had a test done, a test to evaluate the self regulating system of the body called a Heart Rate Variability Test. It picks up frequencies from the heart, related to the parts of the Autonomic Nervous System – the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Sympathetic Nervous System. Sympathetic is for action responses of your body, parasympathetic is for healing responses of the body. After the test I was shocked. I had no healing response and saw that my system was actually blocked! That meant that no matter what I was doing right for myself, the body wouldn’t respond. Wow! That totally made sense for what was happening to me. I was given 2 products, 5 pills to take – total. Everything started changing. I was totally on board. I wanted to get well. I signed up to do advanced training but had to train at night to get up to speed.

The program was long and arduous but so rewarding. The heart problems responded and since using this in my practice we are helping all types of cases we have never thought we could help. What started off as an adventure to help myself became a quest to help all the people who just don’t get the help they need.

This became a purpose in my life: that I want to help all those people that I can and to get them to become examples so they can educate others on how a person can be and stay healthy by removing barriers to the body so it can become well again.

I wish you all good health!


Dr. Charles Arndt