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Every pound of extra weight is like carrying excess luggage and affects your ability to function at your optimum levels. Obesity also has an impact on your overall health causing you to be more susceptible to diabetes, heart problems, stroke, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. The Active Lifestyle Medical practitioners of Potomac Falls, Virginia are committed to helping you lose weight and take control of your health.

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In recent years, we have been told that eating 4-6 times a day is good for us. Many of us eat 3 meals with several healthy snacks in between. In fact, we may find that we need to eat often to satisfy hunger, or we feel light-headed and foggy if we miss a snack. Blood sugar levels increase when we eat, triggering the pancreas to release insulin into the blood to Long before there is a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, there are indicators that our cells are becoming resistant to insulin. We most noticeably feel this as not feeling satisfied after meals, craving and the inability to lose weight.

Many of the leading health issues are caused by this condition:

• Lack of focus • Fatigue • Sleep Problems • Depression • Anxiety • Belly Fat • High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol • Memory Problems • and eventually… Diabetes.

Ketogenic Diet IN Potomac Falls

A ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate program that results in less insulin production in the body. This means cutting out refined carbohydrates and sugars and eating more vegetables. By cutting out sugars and adding healthy fatty foods like nuts, avocados, cheese, and even eggs, you will feel more satisfied and have fewer cravings. Intermittent Fasting is a pattern that determines a period of eating followed by a period of fasting. It focuses on the quality of food and when a person should eat rather than the amount of food eaten. The focus is to encourage healing during the fasting period called autophagy. move the glucose into the cells. Every time we eat proteins or carbohydrates, we trigger an insulin response. Frequent meals, high protein meals, and a diet of refined carbohydrates and sugars cause high insulin levels in the blood. The long-term effect is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means the cells resist or ignore the signals from the insulin to unlock and allow glucose in.

If you aren’t experiencing any weight-related issues currently, it may just be a matter of time. If you do have health concerns, those only add to the reasons why it’s important for you to get on an effective weight loss program.

Active Lifestyle Medical uses Nutrition Response Testing, a precise, scientific, noninvasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. Once the assessment is complete, a personalized health improvement program is designed for you to follow.

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  • Personalized Food Plan — Provides a template for you to learn how to eat healthy in spite of your daily demands and routines.
  • Individualized Coaching — Provides accountability, problem solving, helps you gain further knowledge to accomplish your goals, partners with you in your health goals, and your cheerleader.
  • Monitoring Blood Ketones — An assessment that verifies your body is in the zone of nutritional ketosis to reverse insulin resistance and prediabetes.
  • Weekly Body Composition Analysis — Shows your progress and keeps you in the game, helps identify slip-ups in your program before they get out of hand.
  • Education workshops, handouts and videos recommendations — Furthering knowledge about your body and how it works, gives you the ability to take full responsibility for your health for life.
  • Access to Coach via text 24/7 — Allows your questions to be answered when they occur rather than waiting until your next visit.
  • Intermittent Fasting Coaching — Assisting you to make the changes to help your body repair the damage of the pre-diabetic condition and increasing ‘anti-aging’ hormones in the body